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Charles Michel: Samarkand is the wealth of mankind

Charles Michel: Samarkand is the wealth of mankind

Charles Michel, the President of the Council of Europe has been in Samarkand.

The high-ranking guest was welcomed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan V. Norov and the governor of the region E. Turdimov at the Samarkand International Airport.The President of the Council of Europe began his acquaintance with Samarkand from the Shahi Zinda memorial complex.

The guest was given detailed information about the creation of historical monuments here, religious beliefs and values of our people. Charles Michel was interested in the history of each mausoleum and monument in the complex, as well as their oriental architecture.The President of the Council of Europe was greatly impressed by the information about the statesmanship policy of Amir Temur during the visit to Amir Temur's mausoleum, the great world leader, and the creative works he carried out in Movarounnahr, including Samarkand.

A trip to the world-famous Registon complex also caused admiration and admiration for Charles Michel."Samarkand has always been a center of civilization, a place where science and culture flourished," said Charles Michel. - But this city is more beautiful and unique than I imagined. It is the past and wealth of all mankind. In general, my visit to Uzbekistan and our talks with President Shavkat Mirziyoyev were effective.

The President of the Council of Europe also visited the "Eternal City" complex in the "Great Silk Road" international tourism center.

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