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The center is Urgut city.

It was established on December 31, 1964.

 The total area is 1,12 thousand square kilometers.

Number of urban-type settlements (towns) - 7. The number of neighborhood  citizens' assemblies is 102, of which 40 are city neighborhoods, 12 are rural citizens' assemblies.

Village settlements - 115 units.

According to the state of January 1, 2016, the number of permanent residents is 459,674, of which 194,328 are in urban areas (men - 98,293, women - 96,035), in rural areas - 265,326 (men - 134,417, women - 130,909).

Distance to Samarkand - 35 km.

 The bordering country - Tajikistan, the region - Kashkadarya, the districts - Tailak, Samarkand, Bulungur.

The governor of the district -Jabborov Botir Shukurovich

Address: 141600, Urgut, Alisher Navoi Street, 104

Phone: (0366) 483-14-52



Urgut is the name of the city and village district in Samarkand Province. Toponym appears the form of “Arkut” in historical sources.

According to S. Koraev, place names like Urgut appear in other regions of Uzbekistan. For example, in the Fergana valley, in Khorezm.

So, toponym can be associated with the name Arghu tribe. Mahmud Kashghari wrote that Arghu is the name of the Turkish tribe (DLT, 1, p. 114).

The version of toponym  in ancient information also confirms our opinion. Make a comparison: argut - arkut - Urgut. A letter T is a plural forming additive in ancient Turkic and Mongolian languages. Urgut means "argut, argular" (Dusimov Z., A Egamov Kh ,brief explanatory dictionary of place names, T: Teacher, 1977, p. 138).

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