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The center - Ishtikhan city.

The date of established - May 18, 1943.

The total area is 0,72 thousand km2.

 Number of urban-type settlements (towns) - 12.

The number of neighborhood citizens 'assemblies is 63, of which 19 are city neighborhoods, 9 are rural citizens' assemblies.

Village settlements - 167 units. According to the state of January 1, 2016, the number of permanent residents is 232,416, of which 65 463 people are urban areas (33,086 men - 32 377 women), in rural areas - 166,955 (men - 83,680, women - 83,273).

Distance to Samarkand - 68 km. The bordering regions - Kattakurgan, Pastdargam, Kushrabot, Akdarya, Payarik.

The governor of the district - Ruziyev Fazliddin Kiranovich

Address: Ishtikhan district, Ishtikhan street 6, 140700

Phone: (0366) 231-98-32



Ishtikhan is the village district in Samarkand province and the name of the district center.

It has been known from Ishikhon since ancient time  and was the center of the independent power during the first days of the era, and later became part of Sogdiana. When Samarkand was occupied by the Arabs, the Sogdian Ishkhids came to Ishtikhan and made it the capital. In the 10th century Ishtikhan was a large city consisting of castles, shahristan and rabod. It was also known as the largest commercial city in later centuries. In historic sources, Ishtikhan is regarded as a prosperous trading land, surrounded by beautiful trees surrounded by fields. The Ishtihan River flowed through the Zarafshan River. Later the city was destroyed. At this place it was established a smaller village  as the city of Ishtihan today (National Encyclopedia of Uzbekistan, p. 323).

There is no accurate information on etymology of Ishtikhan's toponymy. The sources contain contingent thoughts, such as "ishdi khan", "ishki khan" and "ichdi khan."

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