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A touristic “hub” is being built in Samarkand

A touristic “hub” is being built in Samarkand

Samarkand consists of two 5-star, two 4-star hotels, four boutique hotels, restaurants and shops.

A "tourist center" is under construction.  In addition, a Congress Hall is being built for official and ceremonial events.

 This complex will be fully aimed at increasing the tourist potential of Samarkand.  The complex covers an area of 212 hectares.  The total number of hotel rooms is expected to be 1,190.

There is also a historical complex "Eternal City" on the territory of the Samarkand tourist center, which repeats the image of old Samarkand.

 A parallel road will be built from the tourist center to the M39 main highway.  A road leading from the canal through the complex to the historic area will also be opened.  The artificial lake in the old part of Samarkand is another attraction for tourists.

 Of the more than 4,000 specialists involved for the tourist center, 3,678 are workers, 322 are engineers and technicians, including 3,600 locals and 400 foreign specialists.  The number of technical resources is more than 500.

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