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8 teachers were awarded the badge "Devotion to Public Education" in Samarkand.

8 teachers were awarded the badge "Devotion to Public Education" in Samarkand.

An event dedicated to October 1 - Teachers 'and Coaches' Day has been held in Samarkand today.

The event has been attended by teachers who have worked effectively in the public education system.

- My father and mother are teachers, so I know the selfless service of these professionals, - said the deputy governor of the region Khurshid Ochilov.  - We were far behind in the system of public education, and this year's results have made some progress.  Everyone worked together to achieve this.  If we are lucky, we will achieve even better results in the new academic year, and we hope that the quality of education will be raised by dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable teachers like you.

Zebiniso Shodieva, the head of the regional department of public education, who took part in the event, congratulated more than 58,000 teachers working in 1,260 schools in the region on their professional holiday.

“The responsible and honorable work of our dear teachers in educating the young people in the spirit of knowledge, high respect and love for our motherland and values, worthy heirs to our great ancestors who have made a worthy contribution to world civilization deserves all praise and recognition,” Z.Shodieva said.

At the event, 8 skilled, talented and enlightened teachers working in schools of the region were awarded the badge "Devotion to Public Education" and 49 teachers were awarded the badge "Excellence in Public Education."  Certificates of honor were also awarded to 31 effective public educators - heads of district and city public education departments, school principals, methodologists, deputy principals and teachers.

In addition, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Independence, 30 teachers who won the competition "30 awards for 30 years" held by the Ministry of Public Education were awarded the badge "Excellence in Public Education."  1545 teachers took part in the competition in the nominations "Best Article", "Best Video".

 At the event, the head of the Department of Public Education Z. Shodieva was awarded a certificate of honor of the Ministry of Public Education.

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