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Before the 31st anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan Reforms are also taking place in remote areas

Before the 31st anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan Reforms are also taking place in remote areas

The socio-economic reforms being carried out in our country are primarily aimed at the interests of people, that our people are satisfied with the present day and live in comfortable conditions in all respects.

Timely implementation of tasks set in this direction not only in the centers, but also in remote areas determines the mood of the people and confidence in the reforms.

There is a high demand for social sector facilities among the population. Over the years, insufficient attention has been paid to education and health services in remote areas, which has led to the derailment of work in these areas today.

In recent years, in the process of reforms carried out by the head of our state, special attention is paid to the development of primary medical services and fundamental reform of education. As a result, modern medical institutions and pre-school educational institutions are being built even in remote areas.

Growth and changes in the same direction are noticeable in Nurabad district, and a number of new social sphere objects, service stations, and production enterprises are being built. Although the natural climatic conditions of the district are a little more difficult, due to the opportunities created, the population is trying to contribute to the prosperity and development of the region with high confidence in the future. This can be seen when local entrepreneurs take the lead in the ongoing changes and creative work.

The distance from the district Sazagon to the center of the district is more than 60 kilometers. It is natural that there will be problems in providing quality medical services to the population at such a distance. Therefore, the Sazagan regional branch of the Nurabad district medical association was established, and quality medical services were provided to the population in this region. The regional department was established in 1959, and the existing conditions here did not correspond to today's requirements. On the initiative of the head of the People's Reception of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the Samarkand region, a new building with a light construction for the regional department was built and put into operation by the regional and district goverment

.- Our regional department will provide services to more than 11,000 residents of Tepakul, Saray and Sazagan neighborhoods, - says Abdujabbar Umarov, head of the Sazagan regional department of Nurabad Medical Association. - Neighborhoods close to the region also turn to us considering the distance to the district center. But until now, our ability to provide medical services according to their demand was limited. Now, in the new building, it is possible to provide services to patients in an outpatient setting. A total of 15 places were created: 5 places in the maternity department, 5 places in the children's department and 5 places in the adult therapy department. We are using our old building as a day care center.

As a result of the reforms being carried out to improve the quality of medical services, more than four thousand residents of the outskirts of neighborhood Jom had the opportunity to use primary medical services in modern conditions.

This neighborhood is one of the most populated areas of our republic. About 20,000 people live in Jom. The "Dukur" branch of the "Orom" family medical center was established to provide medical services to residents living in the outskirts of the neighborhood. This branch was built in 1992 and is set to provide primary health care services to 4,050 residents of the area. In recent years, the branch turned into a ruin, and residents were forced to travel long distances to attend the "Orom" family medical center. 200 million soums were spent in cooperation with local sponsors and the district administration, construction and repair works were carried out in the branch, and it was made beautiful.

- At the age of 65, it was difficult to go 10-15 kilometers away, - says Ulbusin Rahmonova, who lives in the area. - A thousand thanks to all those who renovated the "Dukur" branch of the "Orom" family medical center and created sufficient conditions - to the President, the regional and district leadership, the co-sponsors, all of them. Good luck with the health of the people in remote areas.

According to the information of the district administration, special attention is being paid to the organization of "neighborhood medical centers", taking into account the scattered location of the residential areas in remote areas of the district. To date, 25 "neighborhood medical points" made of light structures have been established in the district, and medical services have been provided to the population.

In particular, a "neighborhood medical center" was opened in the district's Omandara neighborhood in order to provide convenience and quality primary medical services. All conditions for providing high-quality medical services to the population have been created in the neighborhood medical center, which was built at the expense of 131 million soums from the budget. Most importantly, young specialists who have graduated from higher educational institutions are attracted to these medical institutions.

- This year I have graduated from the Samarkand State Medical University, - says Ruslan Kuvondikov, a general practitioner at the medical center of the "Omondara" neighborhood. - My wife also graduated from the university with me. I am from Pastdargom district, my wife is from Jizzakh city. Both of us aimed to work in remote areas in order to contribute to the reforms carried out to improve the quality of medical services for the population by our President. Living and working conditions were provided for us. We are happy with the work we have started.

Residents are satisfied with the changes in Omondara neighborhood. Together with the neighborhood medical center, the neighborhood citizens' meeting started working in the new building. After the construction work of 168 million soums at the expense of the local budget of the province, a comfortable working environment was created for the hall of activists, the head of the neighborhood, the assistant of the mayor, women, youth leaders and the prevention inspector of the neighborhood.

"After the ongoing creative works, our neighborhood is changing beyond recognition," says Eshturdi Rahimov, an activist of the neighborhood. - In particular, 12 kilometers of new asphalt pavement was laid. An artesian well was dug to provide the population with clean drinking water. The existing village medical center has been completely renovated. Today, the neighborhood medical center and the neighborhood building were commissioned. A number of activities are being carried out to support low-income families. To ensure the well-being of the villagers, so much work is done in one area in a short period of time is a big deal. We achieved such prosperity as a result of the efforts of the head of our state and local officials. Now, together with our people, we will use all our opportunities to contribute to the development of our country, of course.

According to the information of the district administration, at the moment, the coverage level of children of preschool age in the district has been increased from 68 percent to 71 percent. Today, the number of state and non-state pre-school educational institutions is more than 170. As a result of commissioning of the 20th state pre-school educational institution established in Dustlik neighborhood, 60 more children of kindergarten age were included in pre-school education. 18 residents of the neighborhood were employed in the institution, which was built at the expense of 1 billion 331 million soums from the local budget funds. It was reported that on the eve of the 31st anniversary of our independence, 5 more preschool educational institutions will be commissioned in the district.

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