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Urgut market in Nukus

Urgut market in Nukus

Samarkand entrepreneurs have been implementing a number of large-scale projects in order to develop the Nukus district and contribute to the sustainable 

development of the district's economy by providing employment to the population and helping them to improve their living conditions since February of this year.

As an illustration, we can cite the "Farmer's Market" that includes a large shopping complex built on the basis of a 52 billion soum project, which officially started its operation today . 115 shops and 500 stalls have been established by the people of Nukus in this world market, which is called Urgut market. As a result, about 1,000 Nukus residents were employed. "Urgut hostel" built in the market area is recognized as very convenient by businessmen and traders.

It was stated by the district leaders that the absence of a permanent, that is, a daily market in the center has been the cause of legitimate objections of local residents for years. From today, there is no room for these objections. Now the Nukus have their own markets that work every day and have all the amenities.

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