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A reception ceremony for honor of the guests has been held

A reception ceremony for honor of the guests has been held

The heads of state went together to the “Bokiy Shahar” (Eternal City) complex in the "Great Silk Road" international tourism center.

The image of our ancient cities, our national traditions and the history of relations with friendly nations are reflected in this complex. In particular, images of the ceremony of receiving the ambassadors of Korea, China, India and other countries preserved on the walls of the Afrosiyab monument were used.

Such a combination of meaning, history and left a great impression on the guests today. Here, in honor of the visit of the leaders of the member countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, a reception ceremony was held on behalf of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

There was a cordial conversation between the heads of state. They noted that the Samarkand summit was held at a high level, and that important agreements were reached at bilateral meetings today.Universal values such as mutual respect and friendship, peace, and love were celebrated in the songs on stage.The main events of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit is going tyo take place today.

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