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A courageous man is always powerful

A courageous man is always powerful

The 31st anniversary of the establishment of the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan and the Day of Defenders of the Fatherland are being widely celebrated in our country.

There are two reasons why this holiday is well celebrated on a national scale, it is becoming appreciated, and its prestige is increasing.

The first is the presence of noble qualities such as courage and patriotism in the blood of our people.

The second is that the state supports these qualities. In addition, our country follows the secular saying, "If you don't feed your own army, you feed someone else's army."

We have learned by reading fairy tales and books. In all books, whether historical, contemporary or fairy tale, good triumphs over evil. In other words, good people achieve their desired goal.

The main reason for this is that there were people's heroes who bravely set out to defeat those enemies and evil. People's heroes defended the Motherland. Protecting the Motherland is not protecting its soil, standing on its borders, but protecting the honor of its descendants and ancestors living in this Motherland. This is a huge concept. That's why in our mind, consciousness, in general, in our people, big and small, hatred towards the bad and respect towards the good remained.

Today, when we see our brave soldiers, in general, those wearing military uniforms, we pay attention to them and envy them.

Both we and my generation admired the courage of those who returned from military service, their bodies, their beauty, and the fact that they were matured by doing physical education. And we also dreamed of joining the army and being a soldier.

Courage is not only strength, making someone's desire, doing beautiful actions. Courage does not come naturally.

When does a person become brave? When his mind works perfectly, when he has intelligence, when he has insight. That's why Abdurrahman Jami said that strength is not the strength in your wrist, but overcoming anger.

Anger is a feeling, a change in attitude. If we can do these things, we will always dominate the world.

Moreover, the process of globalization is teaching us a lot. In dealing with the environment, establishing relations, our army must always be powerful and able to defend itself. But it is necessary for our people to be able to protect not only the Motherland, let's say, their ideas, their goals.

It is not for nothing that the head of our state puts a lot of emphasis on this direction when reforming the military sector. True, our military power is developing, we are getting new weapons and protective equipment. But most importantly, we were able to improve the quality of our military.

Today, the army of Uzbekistan has become a powerful army. Today, we have a large army, which is conscious, educated, talented, armed with modern sciences. Today, our military is carrying out huge technological operations, today our military is demonstrating itself in competitions in the field of science, sports, and international conferences.

On the other hand, we are providing social protection for just such people. In this sense, building cheap houses for our soldiers, strengthening military bases, i.e. training bases, in addition, training the original children of our people in military skills for a month, military exercises in schools - all this is aimed at forming not only physical, but also spiritual qualities in children.

For example, in the Samarkand region alone, many military personnel were given places to live in the next two to three years. Accordingly, many other structures were built, so that all conditions were created for their active service and living.

Attention is also paid to the families of the soldiers. It has become a tradition for soldiers in different regions of Uzbekistan to talk and congratulate each other and their parents through video communication. Such events are memorable events not only for the soldiers, but also for their parents. I think that this, first of all, increases the interest of young people in military service, and increases the respect of their parents for their army.

Personally, I always admire the military. When you give them a house, you feel envious when you see the joy of your family and children. I went to their homes and conducted interviews. I go to the military units and hold meetings, I try to know the mood of the military. That is why I feel that military service has improved. Besides, I see that the power of our army has increased. This is what I am convinced of in the process of talking with smart, intelligent, insightful officers. I am learning a lot from the military, gaining experience. I am proud of it!

A brave man is always strong. In a powerful person, the mind always works the same way. A clear proof of this is the activity of our great-grandfather Sohibkiron Amir Temur and his writing on tuzuks - "Strength is justice".

Any powerful person may not be just. But an intelligent, intelligent, insightful person will always be powerful and just. I think that this fair life will bring us to new heights today.


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