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A courageous man is always powerful

A courageous man is always powerful

There are two reasons why the Day of Defenders of the Fatherland is being widely celebrated, appreciated, and has an increasing influence.

The first is the presence of noble qualities such as courage and patriotism in the blood of our people.

The second is that the state supports these qualities.

In addition, our country follows the secular saying, “If you don't feed your own army, you feed someone else's army.” Protecting the Motherland means not only protecting its soil and borders, but also protecting the honor of the ancestors and descendants who lived in this Motherland. Today, the army of Uzbekistan has become a powerful army. Today, we have a large army that is conscious, educated, talented, armed with modern sciences. Our soldiers are demonstrating their military and moral strength and potential.

Personally, I always admire the military. Seeing the joy of his family and children when he gives them a house makes him envious. I enter their homes and talk, I am interested in their lives, dreams and goals. At meetings in military units, when I talk to soldiers and servicemen, I try to know their mood. I am happy - our soldiers are in a very high mood, they are satisfied with their work, they are satisfied with today, and they are satisfied with tomorrow.

It is noteworthy that such an atmosphere prevails in their family. This, of course, is the result of the improvement of the military sector and the increase in the prestige of the service. A person who loves his country from the heart will be brave. A brave man is always mighty. And in a powerful person, intelligence works as well. We have every right to say without hesitation that our soldiers today are brave, powerful and highly intelligent people!

Erkinjon Turdimov,


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