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Reconstruction works will be carried out at the Imam Bukhari complex

Reconstruction works will be carried out at the Imam Bukhari complex

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with the projects to develop the tourism potential of Samarkand, including pilgrimage tourism on February 11.

During the presentation, information was provided about one of the holiest shrines in the Islamic world - the Imam Bukhari complex and the ongoing construction and beautification work around it.  The head of our state once again made his recommendations on the project planned to be carried out at the shrine and gave the necessary instructions to the officials.

the Imam Bukhari Complex hosted a pre-project event with the participation of the Muslim administratioin of Uzbekistan, officials of relevant ministries and departments, representatives of the public of Samarkand region and elders on February 13.

 The Qur'an was recited and sacrifices were performed.

 Detailed information on the project was provided to the public.

 During the construction and beautification works in the complex, the mausoleum of Imam Bukhari will be reconstructed in its current form.  Until now, there were not enough conditions to visit the tomb under the mausoleum.  The new project envisages expanding the perimeter of the tomb and creating all-round convenience for pilgrims.

 A magnificent mosque with eight thousand seats will be built.  Four huge towers will be erected around the complex.  Due to the unique way of life of our people, in addition to the existing awnings, internal and external awnings will be built.

In order to create convenience for local and foreign visitors, modern hotels, consumer services and sanitary facilities that fully meet international standards will be built.

 Another noteworthy aspect is that during the construction works in the complex, the historical spring and several hundred-year-old maple trees will not be damaged.  All necessary measures will be taken to preserve them.

 The construction and creative work carried out in the complex will be organized at the expense of a special fund.

 During the meetings, it was noted that the head of our state pays special attention to turning this sacred place into a place of pilgrimage not only for our people, but also for the whole world.

 Representatives of the public noted that this good work, initiated by the President, will help the world to enjoy the scientific and spiritual heritage of great scientists, increase the international prestige of Uzbekistan, and our people will take an active part in this worthy work.

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