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Erkinjon Turdimov: The value of the school depends on the teacher

Erkinjon Turdimov: The value of the school depends on the teacher

We have seen, felt and learned about the exemplary works being carried out in the reform of public education by the initiative of the head of our state.

However, it should not be forgotten that no matter how many conditions are created, the position of the school depends on the knowledge, love and skills of the teacher, and his dedication to his profession. Many dedicated teachers have been proving this through their activities.

The teacher was considered the intellectual of the intelligentsia in the village. People learned from his behavior and conversation. The teacher, especially the older generation, imagined a person who always had a book in his hand.

Today's teacher, in addition to being worthy of his name, the conditions created in schools, and the social protection provided, must also feel the demands of the globalization process.

Whenever I go to any region of the province, firstly, I  go to schools and communicate with teachers. I envy the teachers who are selfless in teaching their students and who give an example. I will make suggestions to the authorities to encourage them.

However, there are also teachers who look at their work through the cracks. They do not read books regularly, they do not work on enriching their skills. Even in getting a category, they look for shortcuts. As a result, they are not able to gain the trust of students and parents. In my opinion, school principals should conduct public analyzes with such people in the team. So that every teacher knows the evaluation of the team, students, and parents.

I mean, we have managed to encourage a good teacher, now we must learn to discipline an irresponsible teacher. Because the reputation of the school will be increased only by dedicated, experienced and skilled teachers.

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