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The governor listened to the problems of the youth of Jambay

The governor listened to the problems of the youth of Jambay

 The governor of the region Erkinjon Turdimov met with the youth of the district at the 1st comprehensive school of Jambay district.

The event was attended by about 200 young boys and girls.  Most of them are registered in “Yoshlar daftari“ (the Youth Notebook).

 - There are more than 10 hundred square meters of land in our yard, - said Anvar Yuldashev, a resident of Kolbosti mahalla (neighborhood).  - You can earn for housekeeping by working on this land.  In addition, there are many people in our village and neighborhood who cultivate their land.  In this way, you can work and earn a living.  I was thinking of buying a motor cultivator for this, but I didn’t have the funds.  Today I appealed to the governor on this issue.  The problem was solved in two days.  With this equipment, I earn money by driving my neighbors and villagers’ backyards.

 During the meeting, there were 70 applications for loans, unemployment, housing, road repairs and other issues.  Officials were given instructions on their solution.

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