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Urgut district can be transformed into an innovative zone

Urgut district can be transformed into an innovative zone

 Specialists of the Ministry of Innovative Development have developed a project "Transformation of Urgut district into an innovation zone."

Officials of the Ministry visited Samarkand region and presented the project.

 The event was attended by Minister of Innovative Development Ibrahim Abdurahmanov, the governor of Samarkand region Erkinjon Turdimov, Rector of Almaty Management University "AlmaU" Erbol Suleymenov.

 Within the framework of the project, proposals were made for the introduction of innovative technologies in agriculture, in particular, the cultivation of medicinal and industrial plants, road construction, electrical engineering, automotive.

 Proposals for the cultivation and processing of medicinal plants on 760 hectares of land in Urgut district were discussed.  There is a need to build a laboratory and a plant to conduct research in the field of seed cultivation and selection.  The plant is expected to have a production capacity of 400 tons of seeds, 4,000 liters of oil, 1,500 tons of fiber and 7,500 tons of stalks.

 Rector of Kazakhstan Erbol Suleymenov proposed to open a branch of the university, which will be able to teach 2,000 students.  It provides management, engineering management, entrepreneurship and innovation to young people at the undergraduate, graduate and MBA levels.

Taking into account that 4-5 thousand young people graduate from 143 schools in Urgut district every year, this will meet the needs of young people in the region for higher education.  It makes a great contribution to the development of human capital.

 It was suggested that one of the most important factors in the development of the economy, the introduction of innovations - the introduction of Australian technology in road construction in order to improve the quality of roads.

 If 250 square meters of roads are built in 1 shift during traditional construction works, 5,000 square meters of roads will be built in this technology.  Road construction costs will be reduced from 120,000 soums to 50,000 soums per square meter.  The service life of the road will increase from 4 to 15 years.  In addition, the environmental safety of road construction will be ensured.

 Also, the district hosted a presentation of projects for the production of breathalyzers, SOS for cars, car refrigerators, electronic turnstiles and the Society of the Blind of Samarkand region.

Representatives of the Youth Academy under the Ministry of Innovative Development presented the concept of a smart city to the governor of Samarkand region.

 The introduction of the mobile educational platform TechnoBus to increase the interest of young people in science was also on the agenda.  TechnoBus is designed to educate young people living in remote areas in modern areas of education, including robotics, programming, VR / Ar technology, renewable energy sources, 3D prototyping, artificial intelligence.

 This platform is aimed at establishing the basis of Youth Technoparks, which are gradually being established by the Ministry of Innovative Development in each region of the country, and the formation of a talented team of young people working in it.

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