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Language is a great blessing, a mirror of culture, a wing of our soul

Language is a great blessing, a mirror of culture, a wing of our soul

The festival of the Uzbek language has begun with placing flowers at the foot of the statue of Hazrat Alisher Navoi in the central park of Samarkand.

The government of Samarkand region and city, the regional branch of the Writers' Union of Uzbekistan, higher educational institutions, national cultural centers, neighborhoods and representatives of the general public have participated at the event organized in connection with the 34th anniversary of the Uzbek language being granted the status of the state language and the Uzbek language holiday.

Linguists, poets and writers spoke about the value of our language and congratulated the participants on the holiday at the literary and educational event. Also, a group of intellectuals was awarded with an honorary certificate of the regional administration for their activity in increasing the prestige of the Uzbek language as a state language in our region at the event.

Students of the Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages, young people of different nationalities read poems in Uzbek. The actors of the Regional Musical Drama Theater presented a performance at the event.

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