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A tourist-recreational zone is going to be established in Samarkand district.

A tourist-recreational zone is going to be established in Samarkand district.

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed the decision on the establishment of the tourist-recreational zone “Ohalik-Akbuyra-Mironkul” in Samarkand region.

It will be located in neighborhoods of Samarkand district called “Urta Ohalik”, “Akbuyra”, “Yangijoy” and “Mirankul” . Ohalik project - about 1700 hectares, Akbuyra - 414 hectares, Mirankul - more than 2500 hectares. In the decision of the head of our state, a number of tasks for the implementation of the large-scale project were defined. The implementation of the assigned tasks was discussed by the regional governor together with the officials of the Samarkand district administration.

The document stipulates that  the development of the master plan of the region and the submission of proposals to the government commission on changing the category of necessary land plots, the establishment of internal affairs departments in order to ensure safe tourism in the tourism zone, etc until 2 rd August of this year. In the discussion, in the presence of the Samarkand district administration, the issue of establishing a tourism-recreational zone directorate in the form of a state institution that will be the customer for the implementation of the projects of modernization and construction of highways, tourist infrastructure, and engineering-communication networks was discussed within the framework of this project. According to the decision, the plots of land on which tourist infrastructure can be built in the territory of the tourist zone will be transferred to the directorate with the right of permanent use for further effective use or sale to investors through an online auction in the prescribed manner. First of all, it was said that it is necessary to carry out an inventory of land and determine the boundaries of the mountain tourism project. It was also said that it is necessary to conduct interviews with the citizens of four neighborhoods, ask their opinion and listen to their suggestions. In the implementation of the project, first of all, the availability of water is necessary, - said Erkinjon Turdimov. An instruction was given to study the issue of building a flood storage facility.

In general, taking into account that this project will improve the infrastructure of the district, create new jobs and improve the standard of living of the population, the need for active participation in its implementation from the neighborhoods to the authorities was emphasized.

After a week, it was decided that the officials will hold presentations on the road transport and engineering-communication infrastructure of the tourist zone.

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