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Meeting with the governor of St. Peterburg

Meeting with the governor of St. Peterburg

The governor of Samarkand region, Erkinjon Turdimov, has met with Alexander Beglov, the governor of the city, in the city of Saint Peterburg on May 22 of this year.

Issues of strengthening cultural-humanitarian, economic and social ties were discussed at the meeting.

As a result of the negotiations, prospects for further development of cooperation in many fields, in particular culture and art, organization of training and exchange of personnel, pharmaceutical, electrical engineering, metallurgy and ICT, were determined. Also, during the meeting, it was announced that 15 graduates of excellent schools of our region will participate in the "Alie parusa" event, which is going to be held in the northern capital of the Russian Federation on June 28 of this year. Finally, it was decided to create a separate working group on the development and coordination of cooperation between the city of St. Peterburg and the Samarkand region, and to hold business forums in both regions.

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