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100 representatives of Samarkand mass media were awarded with commemorative medals

100 representatives of Samarkand mass media were awarded with commemorative medals

According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated on August 23 of this year, the comprehensive development of our country, which contributes to the enhancement of its global prestige,

 “Our Republic of Uzbekistan  30th anniversary of independence ”was awarded.

 In particular, more than 100 media representatives, journalists and bloggers from Samarkand region were awarded this commemorative medal.

 This award was presented by the governor of Samarkand region E. Turdimov on behalf of the President at a solemn ceremony held today in the regional administration.

 - The great work being done in our country to build a new democratic state, civil society, the high results achieved, undoubtedly, the invaluable contribution of journalists and bloggers, the media, - said E. Turdimov.  - As a bridge between the state and the people, your speeches on the real situation on the ground help to identify issues that need to be addressed by government agencies and find quick solutions to problems.

 At the ceremony, journalists and bloggers also thanked for the attention.

 "We consider this recognition to be a high appreciation of our humble work, as well as a great responsibility," said Karimberdi Turamurod, an independent journalist.  “We will continue to use our words and pens to ensure the effectiveness of reforms, to cover the words of our people in the media and social networks, and to implement the people's policy of our state.”

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