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Welcome to Samarkand!

Welcome to Samarkand!

Samarkand, the jewel of the East, ancient and always popular, the polish of the earth, is again in the eyes of the world today.

Our city hosts the 22nd summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization which considers one of the most influential and prestigious international organizations of the planet.

 Representatives of more than ten international organizations, leaders of 15 countries, prominent experts and analysts of the world, political scientists are being expected to participate in the summit.

According to the suggestion of the head of our state, the President of the People's Republic of China and the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran  is having a state visit to our country along with participation in the summit. Bilateral meetings of the heads of state will be held during the framework of the event.

It is the fact that such a large-scale, large-scale international event is being held for the first time in Samarkand, which has an important place in the history of our national statehood and is becoming a forum for international conversation, gives certainly an infinite pride and honor for the people of our region. Preparations for this summit were started not yesterday or today, but by the President's initiative to hold the 2022 SCO summit in Samarkand. That’s why, the infrastructure of the city of Samarkand has been completely renewed, new roads and bridges, avenues have been built.  More than ten streets such as Rudaki, Ibn Sina, Bustonsaray, Afrosiyab, Shahi Zinda, Sadriddin Aini, Registan, Panjikent, Firdavsi, Dahbed have been reconstructed.  Usta Umar Dzhorakulov Street has been completely rebuilt.  Residences and other facilities around these streets have been also rebuilt in a combination of national and modern architecture.  A new modern terminal of the Samarkand  International  Airport has been built.

According to the idea and initiative of the President. the “Great Silk Road” international tourism center, which has been built over the past few year on more than 250 hectares of open place, around the rowing canal, became a bright expression of the creative potential of our people. There are hotels and congress centers of world standards, the “Bokiy shahar” (Eternal City) complex, which shows the history, culture, traditions and values of our people, and many other structures have become the beauty of Samarkand in this complex, which is recognized as having no equal not only in our country, but also in Central Asia, today. The architectural complex associated with the name of our great Muhaddith grandfather, Imam Bukhari, is being rebuilt in accordance with the position and potential of his greatness in the Islamic world at the moment,.

Millions of unique trees and bushes and flowers were planted around these structures, squares and avenues, and around the streets, as a result of which Samarkand has become more beautiful than ever.

Builders and engineers, designers, architects and specialists, artisans and craftsmen, gardeners from different regions of our country took part in this creation and beautification works.  We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the leaders of the ministries and departments who are at the beginning of the construction and improvement works, to our devoted compatriots and foreign partners.

We would like to thank the officials and employees of various fields who have come to Samarkand to hold the SCO summit at a high level and are helping us closely at the moment.

The President, Shavkat Mirziyoyev's article published in the press before the SCO summit noted that Samarkand has been a "boiled" place of various ideas and knowledge for a long time, and this place embodies the common goals of mankind, such as living peacefully and comfortably, realizing one's strengths and opportunities, and living a happy life.  .

“Every person living in this blessed land has a deep understanding that a good neighbor is a part of God's happiness, and peaceful neighborliness is a source of blessings," writes the head of our state.  After all, where cooperation, trade, creativity, science and art, and human ideas are the priority, virtues increase, peoples live prosperously and harmoniously. Today, such unique aspects of Samarkand, which has modern and rapidly developing infrastructures, make it the most convenient and optimal place for joint discussion of regional and global risks, and for finding the necessary solutions in this regard”.

Dear people of Samarkand!  Let's not forget that it is an honor and a huge responsibility for all of us to be worthy of the trust of the head of our state, to demonstrate the qualities of hospitality, tolerance, the beauty and prosperity of Samarkand, and to hold the summit events at a high level!

Welcome to Samarkand, dear guests!

Erkinjon Turdimov,

The governor of Samarkand region

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