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A library has been opened in "Dustlik uyi" in Samarkand

A library has been opened in "Dustlik uyi" in Samarkand

This library has a fund of fiction books, which includes about 400 masterpieces of Uzbek and world literature presented by the center for the promotion of spirituality and enlightenment.

Now, the employees of the organization and the center operating have the opportunity to read books and spend their time productively in the "Dustlik uyi".

Representatives of the public commission on social partnership under the regional Council of people's deputies, as well as members of the republican spiritual propaganda group from the capital, participated and expressed their opinion about the importance of the book in our lives at the opening ceremony of the library,. They noted that the 400 books in this library will be increased to 4,000 in a short time, the book fund will be enriched, and the visitors will be served according to the requirements of the times.

For information, it should be said that there are 787 non-governmental non-profit organizations operating in the region. 685 of them are regional branches of non-governmental non-profit organizations of the republic. 102 of them were established by citizens' initiative.

About 50 NGOs and 11 national cultural centers operating in the region are located in "Dustlik uyi". There is a museum, a co-working center and a number of other amenities.

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