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The Presidential School has been commissioned in Samarkand

The Presidential School has been commissioned in Samarkand

The opening ceremony of the Presidential School was held as part of the Samarkand Day celebrations. The event was attended by the governor of the region Erkinjon Turdimov, President, Director of the Agency for Creative and Specialized Schools Hilola Umarova.

 - More than 13 thousand students have applied for admission to this school, - said the governor of the region E. Turdimov.  - 145 of them were selected.  We have high hopes for these students as they put this knowledge to use today.  They should be the pride of Samarkand. The project cost of the building is 73 billion 725 million soums, it has 17 auditoriums, 4 laboratories and 240 modern interactive devices. The building employs 90 people.  In addition, 12 foreign teachers with modern knowledge and skills were involved.

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