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A family entertainment center has started its work in Samarkand

A family entertainment center has started its work in Samarkand

On the eve of the national holiday of Navruz, a shopping and entertainment center of “FAMILY PARK” LLC has been opened in Samarkand.

 At the opening ceremony of the center, the governor of the region Erkinjon Turdimov congratulated the audience on the holiday of kindness Navruz and congratulated the organizers of the center on their success.  He noted that the opening of a magnificent shopping center in Samarkand was a special gift to our young people.

 $ 25 million was spent on the construction of the center, which was built by Mirankul Group LLC.  Construction of the center began in 2019, of which $ 13 million is a loan, $ 12 million is the entrepreneurs' own funds.

we started this project to take into account the need for a family shopping and entertainment center in our city, - said the manager of the limited liability company "FAMILY PARK" Temur Abdullaev.  - The peculiarity of our center is that it has an ice palace with 1850 seats, a bookstore, 4 cinemas, karting, 83 shops, a children's playground, a bowling alley, 12 public catering outlets, a media park.  In short, all the conditions are created for a fun weekend.  Another noteworthy aspect is that a total of 520 jobs have been created at the center.  I think the center will become a favorite place of our compatriots.

 It should be noted that the center includes not only products of well-known foreign companies, but also local products.  In particular, Samarkand artisan, designer of national costumes Hamida Inoyatova also organized her own sewing workshop and gallery of national costumes.

 If you pay attention, there are a lot of foreign brands in the clothing outlets of the center, - says Hamida Inoyatova.  - We aim to create a unique competitive environment for them with our modern national costumes.  We have started our business with ten workers at the moment.

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