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The club "Leaders of the Future" has started its work in Samarkand

The club "Leaders of the Future" has started its work in Samarkand

Civil Service Development Agency under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

 In order to form a new generation of civil servants for the civil service at the Samarkand regional branch, a club "Leaders of the Future" was established as a pilot.

 In this regard, the event, held at the Samarkand Youth Center, was attended by the governor of the region Erkinjon Turdimov and First Deputy Director of the Agency for Civil Service Development under the President of Uzbekistan Otabek Hasanov, noting that the club's activities play an important role in solving current personnel problems.

 In order to organize the effective work of the club "Leaders of the Future", a joint decision on cooperation was signed between the Agency and the regional administration, and the future tasks of the parties were identified.

 It should be noted that this initiative was put forward by the Civil Service Development Agency under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan to ensure the implementation of youth policy in the country, the main purpose of which is to form a new generation of civil servants, young people, especially young women.  wide involvement, increasing the attractiveness of the civil service and the formation of a reserve of young promising personnel for leadership positions.

- The establishment of the club is aimed at ensuring the implementation of the President's speech at the Youth Forum on December 25, 2020, the Address to the Oliy Majlis and the program for this year, - said the director of the Samarkand regional branch of the Agency for Civil Service Development R. Kobilov.  - Club members were selected through four rounds of qualifying.  518 documents were received on the platform about the qualifying round, which was published on social networks.  In accordance with the requirements of the charter, the 50 most suitable young leaders from among the candidates tested in four stages were accepted as members of the club.  Of these, 18 are students of higher education institutions and 32 are young civil servants.  Now, these young people should work to find a solution to the problems that hinder the development of society, the issues that need to be addressed, demonstrating their civic position.  This requires leaders to find solutions to problems, not to raise them with specific leaders.  Their activities will be evaluated in the prescribed manner.  In short, the leaders of the future will remain those who have been able to demonstrate their active citizenship.

During the event, Erkinjon Turdimov and Otabek Hasanov interacted with the "Leaders of the Future" and exchanged views on the effective organization of the club's activities, which should be taken into account.

 - There are many problems in society, - says a member of the club, a student of the Uzbek University of Journalism and Mass Communications Sarvinoz Tursunova.  - Problems are raised in the media, on social networks through a wide range of critical, analytical speeches.  We know that the task of leaders is not to raise a problem, but to find a solution.  I think that the increasing number of problematic issues today is due to the fact that the leading cadres do not have sufficient knowledge and skills in the management system.  If we learn to work with such problems today, find their solutions in time and prove it in practice, we will definitely become leaders of the future.  Most importantly, in this process, we will find solutions to many problems that hinder the development of society.

 At the end of the event, it was announced that the governor and officials of the agency will meet quarterly with members of the club "Leaders of the Future" to discuss the problems identified by them.

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