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For the first time, the practice of liver transplantation has been performed in Samarkand

For the first time, the practice of liver transplantation has been performed in Samarkand

A liver transplant operation, for the first time, was conducted in cooperation with the center's transplantologists and the staff of the Samarkand State Medical

University in regional multidisciplinary medical center of Samarkand region.

The patient Saodat Lapasova, born in 1965, has liver cirrhosis, subcompensation stage, and was donated by her daughter Nafisa Kurbonova, born in 1987.

The operation, which took place on August 9, lasted 13 hours and 20 minutes. About 25 medical workers participated in the operation. In particular, 8 transplantologists, 5 anesthesiologists, 2 transfusiologists, 5 operating nurses, and 5 anesthetists participated.

- We successfully completed a complex operation. This is another innovation in Samarkand medicine, says Lutfullo Makhmonov, chief physician of Samarkand regional multidisciplinary medical center, head of Samarkand State Medical University. - We thoroughly prepared for liver transplantation. For this purpose, our employees received training in Moscow, Kazan, Kiev, Istanbul, Ankara.

In addition, the professor staff of the Republican scientific and practical center of surgery named after Academic Vahidov supported us.

It is worth noting separately that 10 billion soum medical equipment was brought and installed allocated to our center for human organ transplant operations by the free residual funds of the regional administration..

Patient S. Lapasova had liver cirrhosis, subcompensation stage. Thankfully, this operation was successful. All test results are positive so far.

The most important thing is that now we are sure that the specialists of the center can easily perform such operations.

It should be noted that President Shavkat Mirziyoyev has been paying attention to the development of this sector at the level of state policy, which is a great importance in establishing such complex practices.

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