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Homes have been given to 26 orphans of orphanages in Samarkand

Homes have been given to 26 orphans of orphanages in Samarkand

 In recent years, special attention has been paid in our country to the provision of housing by the state and on preferential terms to the needy.

This is due to the fact that in urban and rural areas affordable housing is being built for the needy, soft loans and subsidies are being provided, and housing for women in difficult social situations is being provided with a down payment.

 In addition, the state provides housing for orphans who have been brought up in orphanages and set foot in independent life, creating conditions for them to find their place in society.

 Today, in the districts and cities of Samarkand region, 26 such young people were solemnly handed over new housing.

 In particular, 10 young men and women brought up in orphanages got their own apartment in a multi-storey house in Jambay district. The governor of Samarkand region E.Turdimov took part in the ceremony of handing over the new houses and congratulated the young people.  They stressed that they are always in the focus of our state.

 - This year it was planned to provide housing for 59 orphans in our region, - said E. Turdimov.  - However, subsequent studies have shown that there are 84 such young people in our region, and today 26 of them are being provided with new houses by the regional administration and our generous entrepreneurs at a cost of 6 billion soums.  By October 1 this year, the remaining 58 young men and women will also have their own homes.

 The governor and community members were the first guests of the new homes.  Best wishes to the owners of the apartment.

Ugiloy Togaeva was brought up in an orphanage in Tashkent.  After graduating from high school, he entered the Samarkand State Medical Institute.  Currently graduating from the institute, Ugiloy also works as a general practitioner in Bakhmal district of Jizzakh region.

 "Today, another of my lifelong dreams has come true," says Ugiloy Togaeva.  - I got my own house in Jambay district.  Now the officials said they would move my case here as well.  I will use all my knowledge and potential to serve the health of our people.

 Firdavs Murodov, a graduate of the 11th Orphanage in Samarkand, has been living in a rented house for 9 years, although he currently works as the deputy chairman of the Mehnat mahalla citizens' assembly.  Today, he was given an apartment in a newly built house in the city's Geophysicist neighborhood.

 - I am very happy, I am overjoyed, - says Firdavs Murodov.  - What a happiness to have your own home.  Today the government of Samarkand region has given me such happiness.  In return, I will definitely be a worthy child of my homeland and contribute to its development.

 According to the data, in 2020, 20 young people brought up in orphanages in Samarkand region were provided with apartments in newly built apartment buildings and paid a total of 2 billion soums.  Youth employment is also provided.  Another 12 young people were provided with 1- and 2-room houses by the government.

 It is obvious that this year and scope of these good deeds has significantly expanded.  In addition to the 84 orphans, the homes of young people who were brought up in the House of Mercy but have their own homes are being renovated with the help of the municipality and sponsors.

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