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Samarkand is ready for the SCO summit

Samarkand is ready for the SCO summit

The next summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is going to be held in Samarkand on 15-16 days of  September.

At the summit, the leaders of SCO member countries are gathering together for the first time in the last three years.

On the eve of the summit, a new magnificent and modern airport, International Tourism Center has been built in Samarkand.  A total of 10 objects were built in the territory of the center - 8 (2 5-star and 6 4-star) hotels, a Congress hall and a Caravanserai complex were built.

Today, Samarkand is ready to host the summit.  Flags of the SCO and its member countries, posters dedicated to the summit were placed on the streets of the city.

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