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Samarkand State Medical Institute hosted an international scientific-practical conference on "Academy of Internal diseases - the latest achievements."

Samarkand State Medical Institute hosted an international scientific-practical conference on "Academy of Internal diseases - the latest achievements."

The conference was held during the 95th anniversary of the famous scientist, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Uktam Vahobova.

At the plenary session of the international forum "Heart failure - what's new?  Updated guidelines ”,“ Modern concepts of carotid surgery in asymptomatic patients ”,“ Modern approaches in the treatment of arterial hypertension: highlighting the main points ”,“ The role of combination drugs in the initial therapy of arterial hypertension ”,“ Current issues of gastroenterology in modern medicine ”,“ Anemia  differential approach to diagnosis and treatment ”,“ Treatment of acute deep vein thrombosis with a new oral anticoagulant rivaroxaban ”.

 The life of Professor Uktam Vahobova and her contribution to the development of medical science in the region were recognized.  It should be noted that Uktam Vahobova graduated from Samarkand State Medical Institute in 1950 and studied in residency and postgraduate studies, developed as a general practitioner.  He defended his PhD in 1957 and his doctoral dissertation in 1972.  In 1973, he was awarded the title of Professor.  At the initiative of Professor O.Vahobova, the Department of Internal Medicine of the Faculty of Pediatrics was established at Samarkand State Medical Institute, and from 1973 to 2005 he headed this department.  From 2006 to the last days of his life he worked as a professor of this department.  Uktam Vahobova's organization, enthusiasm and professional experience were especially evident during her years as Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs and Rector of Samarkand State Medical Institute (1966-1981).

 The main work of the conference continued in the branch meetings, where more than 70 lectures were given on innovative technologies for confirmation and treatment of ischemic heart disease, cardiology, real problems of pulmonology, gastroenterology, rheumatology and nephrology, treatment and prevention, ways to improve medical care in the COVID-19 pandemic. 

 This international conference, held at the Samarkand State Medical Institute, undoubtedly serves to develop the field of domestic medicine and therapy in the country and the region, further improve the quality of teaching fundamental and clinical sciences, train qualified medical personnel and strengthen international relations of medical universities and research centers.

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