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The teacher of Uzbekistan has received the DELTA diploma of Cambridge University

The teacher of Uzbekistan has received the DELTA diploma of Cambridge University

A young and talented pedagogue of Samarkand region Soliev Muhammadkhan was the first in Uzbekistan to receive one of the most prestigious diplomas in the world

DELTA (or Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is a professional foreign language teacher's diploma from Cambridge University, one of the world's 5 most prestigious higher education institutions according to the QS rating. It is organized twice a year by Cambridge Assessment, which is recognized by many organizations. It takes approximately 2-3 years to obtain this diploma, for which the applicant must complete a complex 3-step evaluation system and defend a thesis.

 Mark Ballam, director of the Wendy Gillespie Research Center, who took part in the official awarding of the diploma, said: "DELTA is currently the most difficult and at the same time the most prestigious diploma in the world in terms of complexity. Only a small number of candidates who prepare for this diploma and reach the final stage can achieve high results. Considering that the holders of these diplomas are mostly book authors and world-renowned experts, we consider it a gratifying event that Uzbeks join their ranks.

It should be noted that the expert, starting from June 14, 2021, the agency for the promotion of foreign language learning under the Cabinet of Ministers, acting as the head of the regional representative of Samarkand region, organizes free master classes, seminars and master classes for all teachers in the region, involving himself and other international experts. He conducts his teaching activities at the Innovative Center non-governmental educational institution in the city of Samarkand. Until now, he has trained more than 2,000 students.

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