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Navoi is considered as a great poet, statesman, economist and intellectual

Navoi is considered as a great poet, statesman, economist and intellectual

Today, Alisher Navoi central recreation park in Samarkand has been crowded with representatives of state and public organizations, professors, teachers, writers, poets, students and pupils according to tradition .

An event was held on the occasion of the 583rd anniversary of the great thinker's birth at the foot of the Navoi statue in the middle of the garden. Participants gave their thoughts about  the life of Navoi, his rich cultural heritage and his place in the education of young people today.

It was noted that the works of Alisher Navoi have become a priceless spiritual heritage of the peoples of the world. Samples of ghazals and rubai were read in different languages. Artists of the musical drama theater presented scenes depicting the figure of Navoi. The participants of the event laid wreaths at the statue of Alisher Navoi. The event dedicated to the date continued with the educational event “Nazm va navo”,(meaning “poem and melody”) concert program and a night of reflection in the regional musical drama theater.

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