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Necessary benefits for entrepreneurs have been created in small industrial zones

Necessary benefits for entrepreneurs have been created in small industrial zones

Dear entrepreneurs and businessmen!

Do you have investment business projects?  Then come to the small industrial zones (SMZs), which are the most convenient place to carry out your project and business.

 1.58 hectares in Kattakurgan city (Ingichka fortress), 6.94 hectares in Narpay district (Tepa mahalla) and 0.30 hectares in (former “Zirabulak” MTP), 0.69 hectares in the former “Bahrin” alternative MTP of Ishtikhon district  , 2.87 hectares in Akdarya district (Boshdarkhon MFY), 4.78 hectares in Bulungur district (former Kildon JSC), 0.80 hectares in Pakhtachi district (former Toshkenjaev cotton receiving point) and Past Dargom district (  “Past Dargom” MTP) has 0.46 hectares of vacant land in small industrial zones.

 These areas have all the infrastructure and small industrial zone participants:

 - Registration of property rights to buildings and structures (or their parts) built at their own expense in the prescribed manner;

 - in the case of reconstruction or overhaul at its own expense, has the right to privatize buildings and structures (or parts thereof) after at least 3 years from the date of obtaining the status of a participant of a small industrial zone.

In addition, the newly established KSZs are 5.5 hectares in Jambay district (Dehkanabad rural citizens' farm), 7.30 hectares in Taylak district (Bagizogon rural citizens' farm), 21.50 hectares in Urgut district (Sariktepa rural citizens' farm) and Payarik district (Khalkabad).  In MTP) 15.50 hectares of vacant land were divided into LOTs.

 You will need to submit your investment business project proposals to the LOTs.

 These small industrial zones provide convenient opportunities for starting a business and are provided with uninterrupted electricity, natural gas, drinking water and sewage networks, as well as road infrastructure.

 For more information call: (66) 235-35-46, telegram: 91-546-57-77.

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