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The ongoing work on the development of the IT sector was discussed

The ongoing work on the development of the IT sector was discussed

Under the leadership of the head of our state, a video selector meeting was held dedicated to “priority tasks for the development of information technologies in networks and regions and digitization of state administration” on December 20, 2023.

The implementation of road maps developed for each region to ensure the implementation of the tasks given at this meeting in 2024 was discussed in the regional administration. This year, the number of residents of the IT park will increase to 110, the volume of services will be 750 billion. 50 million soums and export of services. It was announced that the delivery was set in US dollars.

In January, it was stated that the fact that only 5 business entities submitted applications for residency in Samarkand city, 2 in Urgut district, and 1 in Taylak and Narpay districts is not enough, and the rest of the regions need to conclude and take measures in this regard. It was also criticized that practical work on attracting new exporting enterprises is being carried out slowly. At the end of each month, it was decided that this issue would be discussed under the leadership of the head of the region.

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