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Humankind is alive with memory, great with value

Humankind is alive with memory, great with value

Representatives of the regional administration, military, law enforcement agencies, heads of state and public organizations, labor veterans, young people, and general public gathered at Khatira Square in Samarkand on the occasion of the Day of Remembrance and Appreciation, on May 9, early in the morning.

Under the leadership of regional governor Erkinjon Turdimov, flowers were placed at the base of the statue of the Mother of God, and the memory of those who sacrificed their lives for today's peaceful and peaceful days has been remembered.

More than 152 thousand people of Samarkand took part in the Second World War, which caused great suffering for humanity. 73,000 of them were lucky enough to return to their homeland.

Visits to the homes of war veterans and labor veterans were organized before the Day of Remembrance and Appreciation, and they were once again honored. On the basis of the decree of the head of our state, 10 participants of the Second World War living in the region were given a one-time monetary award, the President's congratulations and valuable gifts were ceremonially handed over. Also, material and moral support was provided to the family members of veterans of labor behind the front, military personnel who died in the line of duty during the years of independence, and law enforcement officers.

Also, spiritual and educational events dedicated to the day of memory and appreciation are being organized in all districts and cities of our region. War veterans and veterans of labor behind the front are informed and respected.

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