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Imran Khan: I have dreamed of seeing Samarkand and Bukhara since I was child

Imran Khan: I have dreamed of seeing Samarkand and Bukhara since I was child

The Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Imran Khan visited the Amir Temur Mausoleum, Registan Complex and Mirzo Ulugbek Museum in Samarkand Accompanied by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan A.Aripov.

 The high-ranking guest was informed in detail about the history of the construction of these monuments, the work of the great warrior Amir Temur and the Temurids as patrons of state traditions, science and culture.

 The high-ranking guest was impressed by the national handicrafts exhibited at the Tillakori Madrasa in Registan Square, as well as the work of masters and craftsmen who continue this work.

 The Prime Minister of Pakistan noted that since his childhood he has dreamed of seeing Samarkand and Bukhara, and studied with great interest the creative work of Amir Temur.  Imran Khan noted that the great master attracted the best masters from different countries of the world to his creative work and paid special attention to the blue color in the buildings he built.

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