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Imam Bukhari complex will be a place of spirituality and science

Imam Bukhari complex will be a place of spirituality and science

The head of state has visited the complex of Imam Bukhari and visited the grave of the Sultan of Muhaddis during his visit to Samarkand region on August 23-24.

At the moment, this auspicious shrine is being rebuilt in a manner worthy of the high respect of our great muhaddis grandfather in the Muslim world at the initiative of our President. The head of our state got acquainted with these processes and said, "We have discussed this project a lot, we have visited it again and again. Don't rush construction now. It is necessary to have all the conditions here in terms of pilgrimage and worship," he said.

Shavkat Mirziyoev proposed to establish an electronic museum showing the life of Imam Bukhari near the complex. It shows the life of the great scholar, the path of knowledge, the history of that time through information technologies. This museum will be another spiritual treasure for our people.

The President emphasized that this place should not only be a place of buildings and structures, but should be a center of science, a center of knowledge that will conquer the hearts of people, especially young people, and help them find the right path in life.

Because in this place, in addition to beautiful buildings, spirituality, science and knowledge are celebrated. Every corner of it has its own meaning. Among the 74 pillars of Imam Bukhari's shrines, the hadiths on religion, morality, spirituality, and humanity contained in the works of our grandfather, "Sahih Bukhari", "Adabul Mufrad", are written in Uzbek, Arabic and English languages. By reading these scriptures, pilgrims get spiritual nourishment and understand the meaning and essence of life.

Researchers of the international research center next to the complex, students of the Higher Hadith School are scheduled to conduct their practical training in this blessed place.

The head of our state, the complex is a media studio that will continue to recite verses of the Holy Qur'an day and night, read and translate more than 7,000 authentic hadiths from the works of Imam Bukhari, and broadcast this process live. it was emphasized that it will be established.

The plans are huge, in shaa allah they will come true. These noble intentions and noble deeds are a symbol of deep respect for Imam Bukhari, a great scholar, for his incomparable service to the development of our religion and science twelve centuries ago.

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