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The governor criticized the activities of some community leaders

The governor criticized the activities of some community leaders

Currently, the final - fifth stage of the training-seminar for neighborhood chairpersons operating in our region is being held.

Governor of the region Erkinjon Turdimov participated in the seminar held at Samarkand State University with the participation of 249 neighborhood chairmen of Pakhtachi, Toyloq, Urgut and Kushrabot districts.

Speaking about the role of chairpersons in society, the governor of the region emphasized the need for an assistant mayor, a youth leader, a women's activist, and a preventive inspector.

- The chairman of the neighborhood should work as the owner and leader of the neighborhood and the residents should live with him, - said E.Turdimov. – five of them should study the problem of the population and find a solution together. The chairman of the neighborhood should present new ideas and initiatives to the relevant leaders, district authorities, and if necessary, to the regional government. If each neighborhood chairman lives with the pain of the people, if he is demanding, the leaders will report to him.

At the meeting, the governor of the region critically analyzed the activities of some neighborhood chairmen who approach their work irresponsibly, existing problems were discussed in detail, and tasks were given to those responsible for their solution.

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