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Participants of the week have got acquainted with the “Eternal City”.

Participants of the week have got acquainted with the “Eternal City”.

The exhibition “Modern Islamic Architecture” established as part of the International Pilgrimage Tourism Week started was held in the 

“Eternal City” complex of the international tourist center of Samarkand, which is becoming a new business card of the old city in Samarkand.

Artisans and calligraphers working in the field of Islamic architecture in our country demonstrated their work there.

During the participation in the festival-fair of Islamic applied arts organized on the theme “Literary culture in Movarounnahr”, the participants of the week had the opportunity to get acquainted with the activity of the “Eternal City” complex, the artisans working here, and the market. Also, a master class of famous Turkish calligrapher Afzaliddin Kilich from Marmara University professor was organized in the complex.

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