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The winner team advanced to the finals

The winner team advanced to the finals

The regional qualifying round of the tournament "Chairman's Cup of the State Tax Committee" of the intellectual game "Zakovat" was held in Samarkand.

34 teams from the Samarkand regional state tax administration and the Cadastre Agency and the regional departments of the State Cadastre Chamber competed in it.  Mirzo Ulugbek team consisting of employees of the Kattakurgan city branch of the Cadastre Agency and the Kattakurgan city branch of the Chamber of State Cadastres "Regional Tax Committee Chairman's Cup"  won the qualifying round.  The teams of the State Tax Inspectorate of Jambay district "Lochinlar" and the State Tax Administration of Samarkand region "Everest" took second and third place, respectively.  The winning and prize-winning teams were awarded diplomas and valuable prizes.  The final stage of the tournament will be held on December 25 this year.

 “This competition was a test of our intellectual potential and valuable information,” said Navruz Fayzullayev, a member of the Samarkand Region State Tax Administration's Maroqand team.  "In addition, the knowledge contest will help to broaden one's horizons and develop the ability to make quick and clear decisions in a short period of time."  I got a lot of valuable information in this contest.

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