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Discussion of the cases related to the death of infants

Discussion of the cases related to the death of infants

Cases related to the deaths of infants that occurred between February 20 and 29 have been discussed in the government of the region.

It was reported that a total of 4 infant deaths occurred in the region, two of them in Akdarya district, one in Nurabad and  the other in Urgut districts during the reporting period. The reports of the provincial health department, heads of medical associations, family doctors, patronage and midwives nurses were heard.

It was reported that the prosecutor's office is studying the diagnoses made by medical workers and the causes of the babies' deaths, the actions or in-actions of those responsible, and the final conclusion will be announced soon. At the end of the discussion, the authorities should bring experts from abroad and, first of all, train medical workers in regions with high maternal and infant mortality on reproductive health and care of pregnant women, and equip maternity hospitals with modern medical equipment. assignments were given.

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