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A meeting for the heads of local state authorities has begun at the "Forish" mountain range

A meeting for the heads of local state authorities has begun at the "Forish" mountain range

The meeting started with the participation of the heads of local state authorities, economic associations and organizations at the Forish mountain training ground of the Central Military District.

Governors of Jizzakh and Samarkand regions and district governors and their deputies, heads of economic associations and organizations are participating in the meeting in order to improve the effectiveness of the tasks assigned to them in the framework of the organization of the country's defense, while being in the environment of military service.

During the meeting, which is going to last until November 25, the participants will get acquainted with the analytical information on the military-political situation in the world and the region, the activities and role of the military-administrative sectors in the development of the armed forces. Also, during training, they will further strengthen their knowledge and skills in communication, tactical-medical, and military sports. The most important thing is that the participants become fully aware of the reforms being carried out in our modern army by undergoing operational mobilization, moral-spiritual and tactical training.

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