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The Deputy of European Parliament intends to strengthen cooperation in the field of tourism

The Deputy of European Parliament intends to strengthen cooperation in the field of tourism

 The chairman of the European Parliament's delegation for relations with Central Asia and Mongolia, Fulvio Martushello, a member of the European Parliament from Italy, arrived in Samarkand on 30 March.

 At the meeting, the first deputy governor of the region Jamshid Urokov and Fulvio Martushello exchanged views on the prospects of cooperation with European countries in the Samarkand regional administration.

J.Urokov noted that socio-economic relations with EU member states are developing year by year. In particular, as a result of economic cooperation with Italy, the trade turnover of Samarkand region with Italy amounted to 6.9 million US dollars in 2020.  In particular, exports amounted to $ 0.6 million and imports to $ 6.3 million.  There are also three joint ventures with Italian capital and one foreign company in the region.

  In turn, Fulvio Martushello stressed the need to strengthen cooperation, noting that the European Union welcomes the strengthening of comprehensive relations with Uzbekistan.

During the meeting, the parties found answers to their questions and identified areas for future cooperation.

  Fulvio Martushello and his companions visited the sights of Samarkand and got acquainted with the unique cultural heritage of our people.

 - At the meetings, officials invited me to travel to Samarkand, - said Fulvio Martushello in Tashkent.  "It's not in vain."  The rich cultural heritage of Samarkand testifies to its huge potential in the field of tourism.  We also discussed this issue at a meeting in the regional administration.  If the existing opportunities are used properly, tourism in the country, especially in Samarkand, will develop at the expected level.  Our visit today is also aimed at further developing cooperation between European countries and Uzbekistan.

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