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Erkinjon Turdimov listened to the proposals of women economists

Erkinjon Turdimov listened to the proposals of women economists

The governor of the region Erkinjon Turdimov met with women economists at Yoshlar markazi (Youth center) in Samarkand.

 During the meeting, which was held in the form of a cordial dialogue, the governor noted that today women are actively involved in many spheres of public life, in particular, in leadership positions.

 - A few years ago, when appointing a leader or deputy head of an organization, mostly male candidates were selected, and we did not think that women could perform these functions, - said E. Turdimov.  "That's why there were so few women in leadership positions."  And today we all see that this principle has changed.  It is gratifying that the ranks of women are expanding not only in any enterprise and organization, but also in public administration.  As a regional leader, I like their deep sense of responsibility, activism and initiative.  As we talk a lot about gender equality today, and pay special attention to this issue, there should be more educated, courageous, and capable women in government.

 At the meeting, women economists expressed their proposals and ideas for the socio-economic development of the region, based on their work and research.  In particular, it was noted that it is necessary to create conditions for every women to have a profession and be able to earn money.  Suggestions were made to provide tax benefits for women to start a business, to organize a psychologist's room in each organization.

 The governor instructed officials to compile a list of women with leadership potential and leadership skills, and to recommend them for leadership positions.

 Similar meetings are planned with women working in other fields.

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