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Erkinjon Turdimov: “Guide-translators are the face of Samarkand”

Erkinjon Turdimov: “Guide-translators are the face of Samarkand”

The governor of Samarkand region E.Turdimov has met with teachers and students of the Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages, who have been leading delegations and high-ranking guests.

"Usually, when a guest comes to our house, we prepare with all our family members," said the governor.  - Both parents and children have their own work to do.  The goal is to welcome and observe the guest well, to show that the family is united, that they have their own values, and to make them want to come to this apartment again.  As we welcome local and foreign visitors to our region, we will have the same goal.  We want the person who came to Samarkand to be satisfied with this land and its people, to dream of coming again.  Our guide-translators are also helping us to realize this wish, standing next to us and helping us to show Samarkand.  They know the history, culture, traditions and values of our country well and help many of our leaders in this regard.  Therefore, personally, I consider the historical monuments, our holy shrines, as well as guide-interpreters, the face of Samarkand.

 The meeting identified measures to prepare for and hold major international events in Samarkand at a high level, to create favorable conditions for the effective work of guide-interpreters.

 At the end of the meeting, a group of teachers and students were encouraged by the regional administration.

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