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The Day of Medical Workers are being celebrated in Samarkand Today

The Day of Medical Workers are being celebrated in Samarkand Today

 In this regard, a solemn ceremony was held in Samarkand.

 The governor of Samarkand region E. Turdimov congratulated the participants and medical workers of Samarkand on their professional holiday.

 - “There are many professions in the world and each of them has a place in the life of the state and society.  However, the hard work of medical workers, who protect people's health, give people health, good mood and peace of mind, can not be compared with any profession”, - said E. Turdimov. Many patients are recovering and returning to a healthy life thanks to your honorable work, which you have done day and night.  We have all seen and felt this from the heart, especially in the context of the ongoing pandemic around the world over the past two years.  For this, you deserve all the honor, respect and esteem.

 Today, about 8,000 doctors and more than 27,000 nurses from 258 medical institutions in the region provide quality medical services to the population.  This year, 6 family doctor's offices and 4 rural family clinics were opened in the region.  Medical facilities have been provided with medical equipment worth 44 billion soums.  Recently, mammography equipment worth 1 billion 422 million soums was delivered to the 2nd family clinic in Samarkand.  This year, for the first time in Samarkand, a kidney transplant was successfully performed at the regional multidisciplinary medical center. This operation has been performed on 10 patients up to now.

 At the ceremony, a group of employees was awarded certificates of honor and valuable gifts from the regional administration.

 The winners of competitions among medical institutions and medical workers in the region were also announced.

 In particular, the regional cardiology center “Best treatment and prevention institution of the year”, the head of the department of the regional multidisciplinary medical center Sh.Norkuziev “The best doctor of the year”, the head of the Pakhtachi district medical association Sh.Jabborov ,”The best health organizer of the year”

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