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Today is the birthday of Amir Temur (1336-1405).

Today is the birthday of Amir Temur (1336-1405).

April 9 is the birthday of Amir Temur the world-famous world traveler and entrepreneur.

Amir Temur is one of the great figures who have been giving spiritual strength to our people in the glorious work of realizing our identity, restoring our national traditions and values. On the occasion of Sahibqiran's birthday, the events in Samarkand began today with the recitation of the Qur'an at the tomb of Amir Temur. After that, wreaths were laid at the statue of Sahibgiron and respect was paid. On the occasion of the birthday of the great commander, great statesman, founder of the centralized state, patron of science and culture, Sohibqiron Amir Temur, events are continuing throughout our region.

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