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The status of implementation of appeals received through “Business-portal” has been reviewed.

The status of implementation of appeals received through “Business-portal” has been reviewed.

 The comprehensive program “Constant support of small business”, i.e. business portal, was launched in order to ensure the implementation of the decision of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan number 306.

4,000 applications were submitted by entrepreneurs of the Samarkand region, of which 2,100 were positively resolved as on February 1 of this year. Based on the questionnaire approved by the governor's assistants, the submitted appeals were purposefully studied for the compliance of the initiators with the criteria, and the results were presented to the commissions formed in commercial banks.

However, out of 1,730 applications sent to banks, 541 were rejected for various reasons, and only 119 received a positive conclusion. The governor of Samarkand region, Erkinjon Turdimov, discussed this with the participation of managers and officials of commercial banks. Bankers' reports on each rejected application were heard. 162 businessmen who received a positive assessment were allowed to delay training and certificates by the Business Development Bank. Three entrepreneurs who passed all stages were not given credit for 20 days: “Agro Marokand Gold” LLC in Kattakurgan district, “Salamatlik” LLC and “Daniyorbek Diyora Mebel” LLC in Narpay district.

According to the results of the meeting, relevant tasks were given to the persons responsible for accelerating the implementation of the tasks set by the head of our state, in particular, considering the received applications based on the principles of transparency, allocating loans for education and issuing certificates, and other cases.

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