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Members of the US Congress visited Samarkand

Members of the US Congress visited Samarkand

 Governor Erkinjon Turdimov met with members of the US Parliament.

During the conversation, it was noted that cooperation between the Republic of Uzbekistan and the United States is developing steadily.  Giving detailed information about the investment and tourism potential of Samarkand region, E. Turdimov invited leading US companies such as industry, machinery, agriculture and tourism.

 Members of the American Parliament got acquainted with the holy shrines and historical monuments in Samarkand.  The guests noted that the historical monuments were built on the basis of national architectural traditions, each of which testifies to the rich past and ancient culture of our people.

 The members of the delegation visited the shrine of Khoja Daniel, the mausoleum of Amir Temur, Registan Square, Bibikhanum complex and Mirzo Ulugbek Observatory.  They stressed the importance of preserving the cultural and historical heritage of the Uzbek people as an integral part of the treasury of world civilization for future generations.

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