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Working with appeals of citizens

  1. The law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On appeals of physical and legal persons", approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on September 11, 2017, ZRU-445, works with citizens in oral or written form, offers and complaints in the regional authority and the order of consideration and acceptance of citizens' appeals in the authority of the Samarkand region ", approved by the decree of the governor.
  2. Responsibilities for working with citizens' appeals are entrusted to the deputy governors of regions, the general department, group leaders and secretaries of the Secretariat.
  3. In the regional authority, citizens are accepted by the governor of area, deputy governors, the secretary, department and group leaders of the authority office in the reception room. Reception of citizens is carried out on the basis of the schedule approved by the regional governor's decision. Reception schedule is brought to the attention of citizens.
  4. The governor of the region and vice-governors accept citizens on the basis of the special plan on the territory.
  5. Reception of leaflets is made after the acceptance of every citizen. The surname, the name, the patronymic, the place of residence of the citizen, the summary of the application are recorded in it. The admission sheet is registered in the general department. The solution to the problem is addressed to the relevant executive and its control is personally controlled by the relevant unit of the administration unit and the head of the department.
  6. Responsibility for the organization of reception of citizens is entrusted to E. Berdiev, a leading specialist of the department ‘s work of the regional authority.
  7. Head of the General Department accepts applications of citizens arriving to the regional authority, prepares a draft of the order of the governor of the region and submits it for the consideration of the governor of the region personally. The assignment by the governor of the region on registration of the application is registered in the Office of the regional authority office and delivered to the relevant executives. This process is personally controlled by the leading specialist of the regional administration office E.Berdiev. The appeals addressed to the deputies of the governor of the region or the heads of units of the authority office are also drawn up and supervised by the leading expert of the department of the regional administration, E. Berdiyev.
  8. The head of the region or the deputy governor, who is sent for consideration of the application, may establish a working group of experts, who are sent for consideration. Citizens' proposals are considered within one month from the date of receipt (except for proposals required for additional study) the bidder is informed within ten days. Applications and complaints, which do not require further investigation and examination within one month from the date of receipt of applications and complaints, shall be considered not later than fifteen days. Where the application or complaint is to be examined, a request for additional materials or other measures may be extended by the provincial governor for an extension of one month and the person who filed the complaint or complaint is done. Citizens who have been admitted to the provincial authorities are then provided with explanations, and may, in essence, be notified in writing to the authors of the results of their consideration.
  9. Written appeals are not considered and considered in the application, indicating the last name (first name, patronymic) of the citizen, the information on the place of residence or false information about him / her, and also not signed. If the issues in the citizens' applications are not within the jurisdiction of the regional authority, they are admitted to the relevant authorities within five days and are notified to the citizen.
  10. Leading specialist of the Department of the Office of the regional authority, Berdiev, analyzes the registration of citizens' appeals at the end of each day and takes measures to prevent violations of the law. The results of the month summarize references from citizens and analyze their content in the regional authority. Analytical information is put on discussion of the regional authority and hardware meetings.
  11. The person responsible for working with the citizens' appeals shall:

Toshnazarov Sodikjon Saitovich

Leading Specialist of the Regional Office of the Town Administration Address: 140157, Samarkand, Kuksaray, House № 1 Phone: 0 (366) 231-11-25

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