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"For human dignity!"

"For human dignity!"

Cultural and educational events under this motto were held in the remote Urganji neighborhood of Kushrabat district of Samarkand region.

There were reports of extreme cold, wind and rain in our country, but the charity events planned in Urganji were not postponed two days ago, on November 16. The neighborhood has been preparing to welcome guests, hold various meetings, exhibitions, cultural programs throughout the day.

 Representatives of relevant agencies, organizations and institutions of the region, residents of Akchobsoy, Yangi Kishlak, Urta Soy, Jonbulak neighborhoods gathered in Urganji early in the morning.

 Initially, in the framework of the ongoing national project "Green Space" in our country, in Urganji and Akchobsoy neighborhoods began to create youth gardens on a total of 20 hectares of arid steppe.  The general public, residents of the neighborhoods planted fruit and ornamental tree seedlings in these areas.

 The governor and sector leaders were also involved in the process.

 After that, an exhibition of educational institutions of the district, a creative evening with the participation of famous poets and writers, a meeting with world and Asian champions were held at the secondary school number 36 in the neighborhood.

 A concert program of famous artists and an exhibition of military equipment were presented.  National folk games and sports competitions were organized.  Residents of five neighborhoos in the region underwent in-depth medical examinations by doctors and qualified specialists from specialized medical centers in the region.

 The regional employment department organized a job fair and offered more than 230 jobs.

“First of all, we are very glad that the heads of regional organizations, activists, honored artists, poets and writers from our capital and Samarkand have come to our neighborhood,” said Kholboy Mardiev, chairman of the Urganji neighborhood.

 - It can be said that the in-depth medical examination of the residents of the neighborhoods, the development of lands for youth employment, the creation of a garden, a job fair have been a practical manifestation of the principle "For the dignity of man."  We thank the organizers for this.

 Within the framework of the event, the governor of the region E.Turdimov met with the youth and activists of the neighborhoods, the newly appointed assistant governors at the citizens' gatherings and heard their suggestions and problems.  He spoke about the work that needs to be done to improve the living standards of the people of the region.

 Yes, by the way, the sunny weather was observed in Urganji today and the well-organized events were held at a high level.

 "For human dignity!"  It is planned to hold events under the motto in remote villages of Ishtikhon, Kattakurgan and other districts.

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