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Another ′′ Hokimiyat hour ′′ was held in the regional hokimiyat format

Another ′′ Hokimiyat hour ′′ was held in the regional hokimiyat format

At the beginning, the issue of preparing and holding a New Year holiday in the region was discussed.

The heads of all district and city hokimiyats, enterprises and organizations were reminded of the need to strictly comply with the requirements set out in the resolution of the Republican special commission to prepare a program of measures to prevent the import and spread of coronavirus in Uzbekistan. It was noted that the media and social media should focus on promoting the use of protective masks and observance of rules of quarantine
The work of Khokimiyats of Koshrabad and Samarkand districts, regional department of culture, physical culture and sports, and regional market association on weak New Year decoration and installation of festive attributes has been criticized.
Hokims of districts and cities, sector leaders and responsible organizations were given specific instructions to prepare and conduct the presidential Christmas tree campaign in a cheerful mood for pupils of Mehribonlik houses, SOS children's villages, visits to orphans and receive information about their condition.
It was noted that the preparation and design of New Year's Eve in areas and cities, enterprises and organizations are regularly examined and controlled by the region administration and relevant officials.
During the discussion of the hockey region emphasized the need to organize food fairs and ensure price stability.
′′ The stability of prices in the market cannot be ensured by cursing said E. Turdimov. - We need to increase supply depending on demand, more products should be added to the market. Every hokim, every leader must regularly visit markets and control prices. Don't forget that bazaars determine people's mood.
The second issue of the agenda is the results of studying the state discipline in the regional office of the State Asset Management Agency on the basis of a plan approved by the regional working group. It was said that there were a number of problems with office management, executive control, timely response to requests from citizens and organizations. Specific examples were given.
Proposals have been submitted to bring to disciplinary responsibility officials who have committed violations.
Following the results of the video selection meeting, the responsible persons for implementing agenda tasks as soon as possible, eliminating errors and shortcomings were identified. On December 28 of this year, the status of implementation will be discussed in a narrow format.

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