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The governor of Pakhtachi district has changed

The governor of Pakhtachi district has changed

The extraordinary session of Pakhtachi district council of people's deputies was held. The governor of Samarkand region E.Turdimov participated in the session and gave a critical assessment of the socio-economic situation in the district.

The organizational issue was discussed at the session. Until now , Vokhid Sanakulovich Rahimov who was the governor of the district  has been dismissed. Muzaffar Yazdonkulovich Khamdamov, who worked as the head of the Samarkand Region State Financial Control Department since February 2018, has been appointed as the governor of Pakhtachi district.

Muzaffar Khamdamov was born in Samarkand district in 1980, where he worked in various positions in the financial and economic area. In 2017-2018 he worked as the head of the regional Treasury Department.

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